Morgana Potter had been expecting a lot of things after the war - but she definitely did not expect to dimension, getting kidnapped by angry and murderous witches because of a miraculous baby, start a coven and fall in love. This is a discipline/comfort story but not every chapter will contain both. "No, you can't sleep in my bed, Stefan," I said sarcastically. 11/6/2022 - stefan x mate oc x damon poly (THE WONDERLING SERIES: book 1) #salvatore "Sister, did you have fun?" so I'm sorry if it's bad). He is born from William Blackwell and [Esther Mikaelson] in the 10th century. The Originals was her favourite of the three shoes, she may have a tiny crush on Klaus and Elijah. How could have seen me in this darkness, when I could not find myself threw the light? ) ; . The Mikaelsons are trying to prove their feelings to him and bring him to where he belongs. It was a good thing he was one of my favorite characters and with being the female Klaus I got all his memories. I died, I get that much. On her days off, Allison normally watched The Vampire Diaries, and of course, the two spin-offs. This takes place at the start of Season 2 of TVD and Part 1 is 178 chapters. I suck at summaries first of all. And even though it wasn't the first time I had thought about it. She would prefer being reborn as someone else, anyone else really, she'd probably prefer to be reborn as a kitten. Will they fight for her or will they lose her because of their fighting. Some plot points will be different but who cares. So pairing a femHarry or Hermione from another character either in the universe or another universe femHarry/Tony Stark as an exampleOOC, AU, Rated T for nowPairings - Many, Mostly Harry Potter Universe crossover with another. She is also the daughter of a were-panther. Battling fate, vampires, family and love what's the former girl-who-lived to do? On her days off, Allison normally watched The Vampire Diaries, and of course, the two spin-offs. What happens when he runs into the men of the Mikaelson family? I told him smiling softly and kissing his cheek walking away. Y/n Pot 17 years old woman gets reborn into her favorite tv show when the plot starts. Work Search: Nik only has to marry Aurora Du Martell, the sister of a drug lord and then he will officially be a made man. The Mikaelson siblings are the notorious first family of vampires with the exception of Klaus who is the original hybrid, for over a thousand years they have created many enemies, formed few friends, and strike fear in the hearts of many but just like any other family, they have love in their hearts, no matter how twisted. Dont underestimate the allure of darkness, even the purest of hearts are drawn to it. CURRENTLY REWRITING New version is going to be very different so I'm going to leave this version up for anyone who might prefer this one and post the rewritten version as a separate work. She hasnt seen her baby sister or mom in centuries. Because the glipse of a golden ring you saw on her finger feels familiar in a way nothing else ever did in your too long life. A granddaughter of a family of witches whos first borns have been hunted by the Black Sorceress Dahlia for 1000 years. I woke up naked in the middle of the woods. #klausmikaelson Perhaps that was why Tobias Snow wanted to watch Elena Gilbert. "Yes, Stefan what do you need? My god, we arent only playing with time we are playing with fate and their hearts. Except that it is, because her hands, stained and hardened by grinding and preparing potions and enchantments remind you of something you have long forgotten. Florence Summer Hadley returns to Mystic Falls after staying with her extended family in London for a while. But he didn't appreciate my sarcasm and neither did I, to be completely honest. Hope Mikaelson learnt it the hard way. Can he do it or will he fade? Soulmate bonding/pairings within JK Rowling's Wizarding Universe and others. As you can see I have important business to do." A group of friends get caught in a horrific storm and end up in a new world. she would wake up a new, altered, improved being. He asked throwing me his suit jacket so I can put it over me, then turning around letting me get dressed. Some Original Vampires were not who he was expecting to corner him upon his arrival. Once upon a time, there was a god. That is until a letter appears before him, informing him that he is a father. This is set during season 3, episode 14: Dangerous Liaisons. (. And that vision she had just had was an Impression, which meant Klaus Mikaelson, Original Vampire Extraordinaire, was her mate. The doctor, the man who would teach her how to live, to laugh and to love.will they survive Always and Forever? ***ON-GOING***, She didn't know it would end up like this.She shoudlve known she always felt something was off.She should've listened to her instincts.It's too late now though.It's the End. Elijah Mikaelson is an Original Vampire and the deuteragonist of The Originals Fanfiction.He is the third eldest child to Esther and Mikael.He is the youngest sibling to Freya and Finn, the oldest sibling to Rebekah, Kol, half-sibling, Niklaus and adoptive sibling, Sophia.He is also the adoptive uncle and godfather of Danielle . With a potential threat to Jeremys life the mikaelson trio decide its the perfect time to protect and claim Jeremy. The only character I own is Azora Homes/Juniper Gilbert. When Bonnie finds a spell that might change the past so Elena doesnt have to die in Klaus ritual Jeremy is the one who is saddled with the mission. "Katerina let the boys go," I told her and she exactly that. "I want one favor and when I say do something you do it without hesitation. But you would still miss me in your bones , -- One town, many supernaturals. Hope Mikaelson jumps into Malivore with Ryan Clarke, trying to fulfill her destiny. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Isabelle Potter et Luna vont Mystic Falls avec Teddy, les deux sorcires ont bien l'intention de protger ceux qu'elles aiment. Treasures s , , . In which a teen has visions of the future and can't help but notice that the two new, albeit attractive, men that have come to town aren't who they say they are. "Here you go! Everyone should make way, for if you block the path of Azalea, you block the path of a queen. *** A Mikaelson and Enzo soulmate story***, As one of the few humans left after a deadly disease outbreak, Rose becomes a target for the blood-starved vampires in town. She passed in the tenth century, so what happens when she suddenly waltzes the streets of mystic falls? The Mikaelsons have always been missing their final member, the glue to keep them all together. Alex and Theo have grown up in Mystic Falls their whole lives alongside Elena and the "Scooby Doo Gang". There is a fine line between love and hate, and I am starting to lose my balance. I'm Miranda and Grayson Gilbert's baby?! It's a healthy baby girl!" You saw Klaus start forward to drive the stake in Lucien's heart before Elijah grabbed Klaus's arm and you heard Elijah say "Brother, Lucien is more valuable alive than dead as Freya has ways of making him talk.". Morrigan is a complex being, she was born a thousand years ago but still lived.She and her twin were the firstborns to Mikael and Esther, after the tragic loss of her twin the remaining Mikaelson clan fled to the new world where she became an older sister five times over and she loved them all fiercely. When Meno seems to have a connection to the Originals, what happens when they get sent back??? "Sorry about that," I told them as I finally stopped laughing. Atlanta Jackson, the only daughter of Poseidon and apparently the soulmate to some Olympians. Even if the trouble that Sirius had found himself embroiled in was only the tip of the iceberg when it came to danger in this new world. But even she never could have imagined the strange world she and her friends are about to be thrust into. Stefan looked at me long and hard, then he shook his head. She hasn't been happy for a thousand years so what happens when she makes a huge decision! I already decided I needed to write everything down and change many things. Klaus Mikaelson never gave much thought to children, especially children of his own flesh and blood. But with this new threat, that might not be possible. None of her siblings apart from Rebekah know that she's alive! She was only 16 years old when she was turned. Vincent Lee was kicked out of his coven after he triggered his werewolf curse becoming, even more, a disgrace after it was discovered he could generate his own magic and had to siphon it. Fema I know you're obsessed with me~ "I have been running for over 600 years, how could he have found me when I have covered all my tracks, killed all the witnesses, and never stayed in one place twice? It's just as well that the key to that is why she's here, as she shows the people of Mystic Falls that it's a big world out there and they're only a small part of it.Fem!Harry/Klaus!AU. But can she handle it when new things come to light? probably no smut/idk how to write smut so? Not what I was looking forward too. Klaus Mikaelson Twin Brother Chapter 1, a Vampire Diaries + Originals Crossover fanfic | FanFiction Chapter one- Isaks POV Everything floated back into motion once I opened my eyes to see Niklaus walking away from the couch I was laying on. Harry was never the type to discriminate against his lovers on the basis of supernatural species, it was the 21st Century for Godric's sake! While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Though she was not a social butterfly and had only couple of friends, she was content with her life and lived enjoying her own company. Oh that's right, I wouldn't. I spent 678 years running from him and his Elijah, Finn, Klaus, Kol, Rebekah and Henrik but what about the youngest? It was surprising how much a single person's existence could change so much, but then again, it was not every day someone reborn with foreknowledge decides to play Seer and mess with what is to come. Olivia Thorne has always been a bit of an oddball, but many of her classmates would never guess how odd. Avila Langmore is the last of her bloodline. "rewrite of insanity plea" Andrew, and niece, Andrea. Maybe. I didn't even get to knock on the door before a man bursted out screaming at a women about calling the pigs on him. Soulmate book, if you don't like I don't care. That's all. "What is the payment?" I missed his surprise look and soft smile growing as he hoped his sister was finally changing. - , , , -, , . It's become my home, where the people I now love are. OC x Mikaelson Brothers Mature REMEMBER - a fem salvatore story (ON HOLD) 57.9K 1.8K 15 Something else most people don't expect is waking up as a baby. I shrugged. I told him pointing to my brother. But, I would no longer call the world of Miraculous Ladybug fictional. A spell gone wrong sends Jeremy back to the past. What happens when Xia Knight dies, only to wake up in an oddly familiar room! Or that, one day, when she decided to settle down in Mystic Falls, she would meet again with her true love, the Original Hybrid, and their family, the Original Family. "You refused, didn't you? I looked around then I heard a throat cleared and looked seeing Daniel Gill, but dressed like Elijah Mikaelson. No one will replace your father, but he can restore our family.. #tvd A look of shock that slowly transformed into hunger as his eyes traced the blood dripping down her fingers. But part of me was hoping it would be a giveway anyway. Strain and shadows and worry and yearning. She was wedged right in between Rebekah and Henrik. with 481 reads. . Watch her journey of the Mikaelson brothers falling for her. This tag belongs to the Additional Tags Category. In the moments of doubt, in between the lies, in all of the chaos they have to remember the good, because the only thing Elijah and Penelope have to ground them is only themselves for however long it will last. Then I get pushed out only to cry and realize I'm a baby. Matt is a vengeful knight, with a thirst for murdering supernaturals. Doppelgangers of the Petrova line are cursed with misery and the latest one was no different. Work Search: "The Originals" fanfiction series set ten years after the season five finale,Rebekah Mikaelson is forced to try and reunite three ancient and feuding witches as she prepares to bring her brothers Klaus and Elijah back to life but the road to ressurection proves difficult especially with these warring witches along for the ride, each of them having history with the Mikaelson's as well as some secrets of their own. 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