Saturday 9:00-4:00 These styles can disrupt the curl pattern and give the stylist an inaccurate idea of how your hair normally looks. Theres every possibility that you can make use of a standard conditioner if the dryness of your hair is not severe. Gathering all the materials you will use for this style is the first step. I desperately need this technique applied to my hair. Will keep you posted If you know any salon in your area that might be interested in our free education program, please have them reach out to us. The result your hair will portray will always depend on your most preferred length and how it is maintained. Add a partial center part, and finger style your hair so everyone can see the texture you dont have to work as hard as everyone else to get. Youll never catch us saying a bad thing about layered hair. The DevaCut focuses on framing the face (vs maintaining even length around the head). Be honest and upfront about what you like, and what you dont like. The DevaCut focuses on framing your face. On the other hand, the Rezo haircut does not only focus on framing the face. A Rezo Cut will flatter round face shapes, as well as oval face shapes if bangs are added. The benefits of a Rezo cut include: These thicker areas are then carefully carved or sliced depending on the desired outcome. Hairstyles for Teenage Girls The CG method is made for anyone whos ready to embrace their natural hair texture. Use the alligator clip to clip up the hair to prevent it from obstructing. The cut doesnt involve chopping off beautiful curls, but focuses instead on amplifying them. Thank you! Light or dark, itll make your curls pop. Are there any salons in DC/Maryland/Virginia? As a result, the Rezo Cut creates an extensive volume while maintaining the essential part of users curls. This Hair Journal is designed to help you take control of your hair regimen and succeed in your hair journey. 12. If you know someone, please feel free to have him/her reach out to us. The stylist should have a thorough knowledge of everything used in your serviceingredients, benefits, and usage. 111 Morristown Rd We are expanding fast and will keep you posted. As a top-notch educator and curl specialist, she is passionate about imparting her curly hair knowledge to her clients and exhibiting the beauty in all hair types-- so much so that she opened Utopia Salon & Day Spa in Westfield, New Jersey. Mother of the Groom Hairstyles She encourages women to embrace their textured hair instead of looking for how to change it. Any update on Vancouver or Metro Vancouver, BC? Your websites wealth of information astounded me. If you know someone, please feel free to have him/her reach out to us. Curls have a mind of their own, and they often seem to defy all attempts at control. Please let us know if you are visiting NYC. How long have you been embracing your curls? Noemi really added movement to these already-pretty curls, and the curls loosened to give off more of a feathered and wispy appearance. A lot of our clients from Philly are coming to NYC for services. Will keep you posted If you know any salon in your area that might be interested in our free education program, please have them reach out to us. We offer free education. Its focus is on adding movement and volume. With Christos Diametrix Cut, youll maintain moisture in your locks, prevent split ends and frizz, and have a cut that lasts for weeks. Suarez is dedicated to sharing her curly hair expertise with her customers and displaying the beauty in all hair types, which is why she established Utopia Salon and Day Spa in Westfield, New Jersey as a top-notch educator and curl specialist. Darker skin-toned women will effortlessly pull of the color and appreciate how the thick top half of the hair draws the eye upward. Rezo Cut also helps to improve your face significantly and highlights your best qualities. Thank you! Thank you! Not all stylists are having the same curly hair knowledge when it comes to cutting curly hair. Helps to frame the face naturally and gives you the option to wear the curls anyway you want vs the DevaCut method. Hi there, thank you so much for reaching out! By cutting the hair dry, in its natural state, stylists can cut the curls where they live naturally, and therefore create a beautiful shape. 16. The cut is created on dry hair which allows the stylist to see how each individual curl is shaped and how each curl will fall. Do you have any certified stylists here? This cut is also done on dry curls but with unique sectioning and a circular cutting approach (because of the the shape of the curls and the curvature of our heads). Shaggy hair trends are slowly making their way back into the mainstream of beauty, and were loving the modern remixes of the retro style. A Rezo cut leaves you with an even cut around your entire head, with the specific goal of maintaining both length and volume of hair. Thanks! Cookies, we love them. We treat our blog with a curious, open-minded, and customer-focused attitude. Get rid of some of the frizz? Pixie cuts are a beloved style, known for its fresh and youthful look. If you colour your curly hair keep in mind that it can affect the curl pattern says curl expert Nubia Suarez. Buzz Cut Lengths Stylists: Christona Tranquilli, Dina Xhelo. The blonde coloring is both youthful and refreshing. Bring photos of someone who has a similar texture and the style you want to achieve. We offer free education. The Deva Cut has many more layers and makes the hair look 'uneven' when straightened, but the Rezo Cut provides more uniformity. Hi Ivonne, thank you for reaching out! This part is definitely for you if you intend to do a Rezo Cut yourself. Hi Kris, thank you for reaching out! Many curly hair pros have come up with techniques tailored to curly hair. Hi Cathy, thank you so much for reaching out! I havent had a decent style in 20 yrs and I let myself go because of it. It can also rotate between several posts. Please allow 2.5-3 hours for your first Rezo Cut with us as the unique approach does require additional time. Master stylist Adri brought vibrancy and incredible shape back into each and every one of these beautiful curls which draws attention to the face while still maintaining a decent amount of length. Oregon? 23.7k Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from 'rezocut' hashtag . Ordered on weekdays before 14:00, delivered tomorrow *, Reachable from Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 17:00, in our blog about curly hair cutting techniques, How to identify protein and humectants in hair products, Cutting Curls: The Different Curly Hair-Cutting Methods. It's also easy to maintain at home. If you have loose curls, then it would be best for you to go for maintenance in the space of three months and ensure that the maintenance is on a professional level. Bernardsville, NJ 07924, Phone: (908) 776-4411 This type of haircut helps to create volume and texture in the hair. However, a new solution is making waves in the curly world called Rezo Cut. You should also read some of Nubias top tips for maintaining healthy curls! Stylists employ this technique to remove bulk from specific areas in sections. If your curls are damaged, then permanent color may not be the best option; getting a haircut may be the only way to save your curls. Its one thing to be happy with your new look when theyre walking out the door, but its another thing entirely to make sure youre just as happy a month later. It is better suited for curly women who cherish their hair length. Hi Melissa, thanks for reaching out! The thicker curls are then sliced out depending on what you want. Checking back in on the Chicago area or northern Illinois. You would need alligator clips, hair cutting shears, and a Rattail Comb. Serena Piper In this post, well explore a few curly haircut methods. This cut is ideal for creating more shape and volume. Not yet, we try to certify salons all over hopefully soon, if you have a recommendation happy to contact them Anyone in the Central Michigan or Northern Ohio area? Or next time if you are visiting NYC, please let us know! Hi Lisa, thank you for reaching out! Thank you for your comment! What kind of styling products do you use on. Do have a location in the Maryland/DC/Virginia area? It was inspired by African American culture and created by stylist Nubia Suarez. This solution is suitable for all hair types. Also, can you direct me to photos of this cut on different curl patterns and types-and tell me which, if any, the Diametrix cut might not work as well for? Im in Charleston (Mt Pleasant) SC ,and would love a Diametrix cut. If you use non-sulfate shampoos, apply to your hair as you usually would. Thank you! But we are expanding fast and will keep you posted. Hello, do you know if there are any stylists in France trained in this technique ? What is the Rezo Cut? The Rezo Cut is Nubias own creation taking the curly world by storm-- and its compatible with every hair texture. Note: cuticles dont really close completely. If priming isnt something youre interested in, she also suggests Muxima Caviar Curl Activating Fluid, which is one of her favorite products to use on clients at the moment. Is there anyone in New Jersey that does this cut? The technique involves creating lots of volume at the crown of the head, leaving the hairs length alone. Prefer a short haircut but need something to flatter your natural curls? This cut is also done on dry curls but with unique sectioning and a circular cutting approach (because of the the shape of the curls and the curvature of our heads). How often should I get a curly haircut? Loading store locator from Stockist store locator. Youll love the way your ginger curls look. Finding a qualified stylist who can cut your hair should be an enjoyable, educational process. New York,NY 10036, Monday 10:00-6:00 Take a look at the below 25 Rezo Cut styles for inspiration to bring your own curly hair back to life! Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. When asked about her reason for creating Utopia, she also shared that she was driven by the lack of representation of some hair types. For Black women with naturally curly hair, we recommend this combination of tight spirals with looser curls and short spiral-curled bangs. The Diametrix Cut: A Healthier Alternative to the Rezo Cut. I liked how my hair looked product free. But if you are visiting NYC, please let us know too! Apply conditioner or deep conditioner after you are through with the shampoo session. Thicken things up with a Rezo Cut that doesnt make styling anymore difficult. Fan mounts not even close to lining up had to cut all off and make new mounts . Sues fresh Rzo cut and blonde Rzolites by Nubia and Ethan King look effortlessly dreamy on her wash-and-go curls. Address: 2200 Hendersonville Rd, Arden, NC 28704 The hair is shaken out after each cut to ensure that it lies properly before going on to the next section. Try a brownish-red for a fierce style. Diametrix cutting, on the other hand, is a form of cutting into curls in order to shape them, contour them, and maximize their appearance. 3. The questions above will help you to find the perfect stylist for you. Hi Shanayah, thanks for reaching out! Since your hair is fully conditioned and now clean, the next step is to begin styling your preferred hairstyle. Me too, me too! How will this cut and style impact my curl pattern? His patented technique is used by salons across the globe. The shoulder length is perfect if you want something on the shorter side, but without going all the way. Pixie Cuts for Thin Hair According to the creator Nubia Suarez, "the Rezo Cut maintains an even length all the way around your head. We are reader-supported. We offer free education. In this case its better to let your hair dye by a specialist instead of dying your own hair. If you are pleased with your hairs growth, then you can feel at ease waiting out the maintenance session for a bit longer. Can I get the information for the Oakland Salon? Any certified salons in Los Angeles, So Cal area? She owns Utopia Salon and Day Spa. Curtain Bangs Jonathan Torch invented the Tunnel cut to ensure that curly hair stylings are easily carried out. What began 6 years ago as a dream for Nubia Rzo, is now a reality empowering the curly community, one RzoCut at a time! And it also works perfectly for all types of air. A dry cutting technique is the best option for Dry curly hair. A Rzo Cut is a type of haircut that involves cutting the hair in layers. But we are expanding fast. Coloring your curly hair to often will give you looser curls. When you can, allow your hair to air dry instead of using a blow dryer. Thank you! With fifteen years of experience in the industry, Mona Baltazar is a New York City based curly hair stylist originally from the Phillipines (my home town!). If anyone gets certified in your area, we will let you know. Rzo was founded in 2016 by master hairstylist and curl specialist, Nubia Rzo.The brand was conceived with the goal of empowering the curl community, celebrating textured hair and promoting healthy hair habits, all through expert curl education and product knowledge. Looking for someone in the Austin, TX area? The most prominent difference between a DevaCut and a Rezo Cut is that The DevaCut focuses on framing your face, while the Rezo Cut maintains an even length all the way around your head, she says. Learn all about the Diametrix technique and how to introduce it to your clients through our Curlisto Diametrix Cutting Technique certification program. Hi Mia, thanks for reaching out! The Color Zone Salon A good stylist will work with you to correct the situation. The best approach depends on both your personal preferences and the type of curls you have. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Then press 'Enter' or Click 'Search', you'll see search results as red mini-pins or red dots where mini-pins show . However, the period for long and medium haircuts is 3 months and a maximum of 4 months. Hi Brandy, thank you so much for reaching out! Im not suggesting you or I know more than the experts, but you should never feel like your service is being decided for you. The Diametrix Cut features an inner layer sliding texturizing technique thats included in neither the Rezo Cut nor the DevaCut. Click Here to Learn More About Our Colour Services, 900 Fairway Crescent Kitchener, ON N2A 0A1. This way, youre sure to end up with a beautiful new look. Thank you. Discover your curl type and hair properties & the CG products that suit your hair. With a stunning long Rezo Cut gracing your head, youll love flaunting your age. This helps curls interlock and avoids the pyramid-like shape. The stylist determines where to apply the Ouidad Carve and Slice technique after the basic form has been established. Andrea created this shape specifically for her client, with most of the length falling towards the back. Thank you! Hi Larissa, we dont have anyone in Raleigh/Durham area at this moment but we will definitely keep you posted. The sections of your small curls should be two by the sides of your head and one wide section at the back of your head. I got my first RZO Cut and I'm in love with it. Bob Cuts for Thick Hair Compare the Rezo Cut vs the Diametrix Cut below by seeing real photos of curly-haired clients: You deserve a cut that leaves your curly hair looking and feeling great. A Rezo Cut (also known as the RZOcut) is a method of dry-cutting curly hair that became popular only a few years ago. Select your preferred length of hair for the front, hold it down in a circular pattern, and then cut. Your email address will not be published. We only have 2 retail stores in Philly area. How much time should I expect for this service? For Black women with afro-textured hair, this is a gorgeous color technique that will make you feel runway-ready. If you know someone, please feel free to have him/her reach out to us. 10. Your stylist should provide you with a customized hair care routine and teach you how to style and treat your hair. This customer is already subscribed Salon International Certified Salon The Rezo Cut is also perfect for curlies who love their length, as it creates a shape while maintaining both length and volume. Many curly-haired people complain that both the DevaCut and the Rezo Cut attempt to tame the mane rather than truly harnessing the brilliance and bounce of curly hair. Its compatibility with hair texture makes the Rezo Cut different from its competitors like Ouidad Cut, Deva Cut, Tunnel Cut, etc. There is also the aspect of preference. Learn how to build your business and charge what you are worth. Hi Leyla, thanks for reaching out! By sectioning the hair in "Vs" and cutting the hair in circles, it delivers seamless elevations.It works for every texture: wavy, curly and coily. Here are 18 popular styles. Looking for a stylist in Edmonton AB, Canada. But we do have a salon in Oakland. Your email address will not be published. Not only that, but you need a style that will maintain its shape and volume for weeks to come. Curl patterns may not stay the same after a service, but understanding how it will impact your curl pattern is important. Do you have hair stylist in South Jersey area ? When it comes to styling curly hair, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Thank you so much for this is helpful information . The goal of the Rezo Cut is to maintain both length and volume. RezoLites are a combination of woven highlights and balayage for a highlight effect that is both noticeable and low maintenance with a seamless grow out. For curlies who are struggling with moisture, Nubia recommends that you prime the hair before adding styling products to avoid disrupting the moisture and encourage humidity resistance. We will keep you posted. A great stylist will carry the proper products for your hair type. Stylists should notcharge more for longer hair or tighter textures. This curly cut was developed by Jonathan Torch as a way to eliminate unnecessary bulk so that shaping and styling curly hair is easy and controllable. What began 6 years ago as a dream for Nubia Rzo, is now a reality empowering the curly community, one RzoCut at a time! The world is opening back up, were slowly breaking away from our deep-seated quarantine habits, and now is the perfect time to treat yourself and your curls to a salon visit for a new look. To determine where to start elevating and creating layers, the curl pattern and density are examined by your stylist. Thank you! After years of gathering experience working at Deva and Ouidad certified educators. Hi, is there anyplace closer to the Raleigh/Durham area than this? Read more about them in our blog about curly hair cutting techniques. A side-parting can help lift the roots and let the curls dall on each side in a beautiful shape. Thank you! After the basic form has been established, the stylist decides where to apply the Ouidad Carve and Slice technique. do you train people to do the diametrix cut in the boston area? Anyone yet? Do they take time to answer your questions? Unfortunately, we dont have any salon in Austin yet but we are expanding fast. Older women who are starting to see more white and/or gray hairs will no longer feel scared seeing them coming through. Finally, be prepared to discuss your hair care routine with your stylist. Tunnel Cut. Here is my rezo cut experience!!! Photo Credit: Nubia Rezo, Founder of the Rezo cut. 1500 5th Avenue South Suite 105 Hi, do you have any certified stylists in the Vancouver British Columbia Canada area? It's a bit more conservative (though you can ask for more layers or inches off etc). Any trained stylist in South Carolina or North Carolina, Hi Linda, thank you for reaching out! Im willing to drive an hour for a haircut but 3.5 hours is a little harder. Hi do you have any trained stylists in France please? Do you plan to revamp your hair as your country emerges from quarantine? sign up now Level 2 advanced rzo cut certification . Hello do you have any stylist in new mexico ? We got you govered with more ways of a curl cutting technique that involves cutting your hair in a natural state to create natural volume. Serena has a degree in journalism from the University of Oregon and works in public relations for a nonprofit. With this haircut, the curls can move about freely, adding personality to the overall look. The Mestiza Muse 2023. If you wish to get a suitable haircut that will help improve your curls elegance and appropriate volume, you should opt for a Rezo cut to get the perfect look that you desire. If you straighten a DevaCut, your hair may appear to be uneven. The Rezo Cut is a popular dry cut that creates enormous volume at the crown of the head while preserving the length of the curls. You may ask for Jaime. For hour appts please add 15+ Blowout 50+ 1 hour blowout 65+ Haircut and Style with Junior Stylist 65+ Haircut & Blowout with Master Stylist 75+ Formal Styling 85+ (does not include blowout) Finding a curly hair stylist who understands this can be challenging, but its worth the effort. In this article, you will learn everything about the Rezo Cut, including what it is, who created it, how its different from other haircut, etc. Im giving women the tools they need to experience their hair at its best. A good stylist will help you to embrace the curl, not fight it. This will all affect the health of your curl pattern. You can easily pull of a short Rezo Cut with thin, piecey bangs combed to the side. Choosing a salon is an important step in creating, maintaining and enjoying your curly haircut. The rezo cut liberates the curls from the root area, allowing them to move freely, which means that if you straighten a DevaCut, your hair may appear uneven, but with the Rezo Cut, it will be uniform in both curly and straightened states. Check out their portfolio, what others are saying about them. If youre looking to embrace a little frizz, consider a shape similar to this, we doubt youll be disappointed. Level 1 Rzo Cut + Rzo Lites Certification San Juan, Puerto Rico MAY 7 + 8, 2023 . Have a nice day! 111 Morristown Rd The Rzo signature product line is now available! The RZO Cut method was conceptualized with the purpose to create maximum volume. Because of this, the haircut is flattering on everyone, regardless of their hair type. Is there a stylist in the Phoenix area who does this cut? 350.0000 Rzo Cut with Curl Design Expert Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In other words, if you straighten a DevaCut, your hair may appear to be uneven, while the Rezo Cut will look even in both a curly and straightened state. Phone: (828) 676-3050 The rezo cut salon locations can help with all your needs. A Rezo Cut (also known as the 'RZOcut') is a method of dry-cutting curly hair that became popular only a few years ago. Id love a cut like this, but Im in the Triad (Greensboro/Winston-Salem) area. Inquire about cutting techniques and ask for samples of his/her work. One of the best things about Rezo Cut is that its more flexible than almost all curly girls cuts. Hairstylists use this method to remove bulks residing in some essential areas of the hair. Ricky Pennisi, known as The King of Curly Hair, created this curly haircut. Hi Lynnie, thank you for reaching out! Find your curl inspiration and everything about the Curly Girl Method here on Kurlify. Unfortunately, we dont have any certified salons in San Diego area. In this video, I'm going to be giving myself a DIY Rezo Cut/Deva Cut! You can maybe try a Rezo Cut. What about kinky curly hair? But is this truly the best option for curly hair? The Rzo signature product line is now available! The edgy layers give off a little rock n roll vibe, yet still uniform. Try this trendy one confidently! The Deva Cut is a curl-by-curl cut that centers on framing the users face and ensuring that your loose curls look excellent. With hair stylists left and right butchering your luscious locks, to heavy products that weigh your hair down, you may be wondering if theres a better, healthier solution. Unfortunately, we dont have any salon in your area yet but we are expanding fast. This helps the products sink in and prevents the hair from frizzing after it has been dried. A great stylist will be able to show you what styles look best on you and how to maintain them, regardless of your hairs length. Or anywhere near ? Heres a great video on the process of a Tunnel cut. Its also good to give the blow dryer a break. Briana got a cut from Nubia that lifted her hair up a bit at the roots, added body, and really defined those lovely curls. With her vast knowledge of the latest trends, haircuts, and colors, she helps people look their best. RZO SALON - 46 Photos & 33 Reviews - New York, New York - Hair Salons - Phone Number - Yelp Rzo Salon 33 reviews Claimed Hair Salons Open 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM Hours updated 1 month ago See hours See all 46 photos Write a review Add photo Save Services Website menu Services Offered Verified by Business Coloring Services Blowout Services Note: A stylist must always consider hair growth patterns, hair density, general curl type, and different curl types on various parts of the head as well as how to accentuate the color when creating a curly hairstyle. If you are not happy with the outcome, dont be afraid to voice your opinion. We offer free education. Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. Bring the conditioner and apply it deeply into every aspect of your hair, especially at the ends. Your websites content is engaging and enjoyable to read. Sign up for our newsletter to get more tips and tricks. So, we recommend that you start using moisturizing non-sulfate shampoo if you can. Arden, NC 28704 Are there any stylists in the Seattle Area? The hair is cut when the hair is wet in this method. Your email address will not be published. Your deva cut will be designed to match your requirements, lifestyle preferences, and help you achieve your curly hair objectives. 15. Nubia comes from supportive parents who encouraged her to always pursue her dreams, and because of her enthusiasm for hair and beauty, a salon and spa seemed like a natural step in realizing her dream. And we know that only the best is good enough! The fear of short styles and of the salon is starting to become a thing of the past!, Nubia has a hopeful vision for the future, in which women will love and accept themselves for who they are, including their beautiful hair.In the past, women could never fully be themselves because they had to change that one thing about them [their hair]. Ensure that the hair is held in a round pattern before cutting each partition. Clients also mention problems with breakage, a pyramid shape style, and other issues. Sign up for our newsletter to get more tips and tricks. With the help of alligator clips, hold down all the sections firmly until it is time to work on them. It does not look good on straight hair or hair textures blown out. Hi Cecilia, thanks for reaching out! The most prominent difference between a DevaCut and a Rezo Cut is that the DevaCut focuses on framing your face, while the Rezo Cut maintains an even length all the way around your head. where in Ontario is there a certified Diametrix stylist? It includes washing, styling, drying, and refining. 35 west 45th Street 3rd Floor, Hi Susan, thank you for reaching out! Unfortunately, we dont have any certified salons in Chicago area.