[37] Some of the Americans volunteered to work as security guards on farms in Rhodesia as this offered the opportunity to fight communists while receiving higher pay than that offered by the security forces. Due to factors such as body armor, the bolstering effect of drugs, or failure to hit vital organs, the body shots may not be immediately effective, necessitating the third shot. Miss the zone, and the projectile could deflect off the bony areas of the skull without eliminating the threat. Today, most instructors teach their students to hold the pistol on target after the first two shots. Even better (although much more difficult), make the final shot as youre moving offline. Live The Armory Life. The Mozambique drill is performed for both accuracy and time. Apparently, the only way to stop a zombie is with a well-placed head shot. Rousseau immediately brought up his Browning HP35 pistol and fired two bullets into the target's upper chest, usually enough to incapacitate or kill outright. [82] British citizens were prohibited from joining the Rhodesian Security Forces under the terms of an embargo enacted in 1968, with those who did so potentially facing fines or imprisonment. Important Notices: By participating on this discussion In the chaotic maelstrom that swallowed up untold treasure and an entire generation of people, soldiers of fortune found employment opportunities on a previously unprecedented scale. Most of the other volunteers were from the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Hitting the T-zone is a challenge. The Portuguese forces collaborated with Rhodesia which had experience from the Bush War in the early 1960s to create special forces teams to deal with FRELIMO. [51] As a result, there are a range of estimates of the numbers of foreigners who travelled to Rhodesia to serve with the security forces: British citizens made up the majority of the foreign volunteers who served with the Rhodesian Security Forces. The Rhodesian government did not formally reply. The foreign volunteers who fought for the country are celebrated by these groups. Rousseau later related the story to an acquaintance, Jeff Cooper, who incorporated the "triple tap" or "Mozambique Drill" into his practical shooting technique. Get 12 Issues a year of the country's best firearms writing. While a thousand organizations use the Holocaust as a platform for speeches about tolerance, Children Of Jewish Holocaust Survivors [Jews Can Shoot] is conducting firearms training Freedom is not defended with empty idealism easily perverted into appeasement of evil, but with the force of arms.. He offered Rhodesia the services of these men after they completed training, though he intended to eventually use them to retake Albania. Rousseau and his mates were in action clearing the airport in what was then known as Lourenco Marques, the Maputo appellation came later. These letters were closely scrutinised, as many of the men who had written them were considered "obviously nuts" by the Rhodesian Army's recruitment officer Major Nick Lamprecht. Shooting Skills: The Mozambique-Failure Drill, Light Em Up: Home Defense Lasers and Lights. He serves as contributing editor for several magazines, including NRAs American Rieman and Shooting Illustrated, Varmint Hunter, and Combat Handgunner, and is the editor for Gun Digests Cartridges of the World 13th Edition. Before it was even a drill, it was actual shots fired in a gunfight. One of the earliest versions of this three-shot drill required law enforcement officers to fire two shots at center mass, then lower their weapon to the ready position while assessing the need for the third head shot. Rhodesian Mike Rousseau was serving as a mercenary in the Mozambican War of Independence. With small arms, mortars, and artillery of predominantly Russian and Chinese origin, guerrilla fighters in places like the Congo and Mozambique engaged in pitiless unconventional warfare that saw widespread atrocities. Save my name and email to use for future comments. Guerrilla forces of the Mozambique Liberation Front (or FRELIMO) became embroiled in a war of independence with Portugal. To guarantee instant incapacitation by impacting the brain and central nervous system, the head shot must be delivered to the area between eyebrows and upper lip, otherwise, various bony areas of the skull could deflect the bullet. It kind of worked. MOZAMBIQUE DRILL.. Rhodesian Mike Rousseau was serving as a mercenary in the Mozambican War of Independence. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! Come join the discussion about optics, gunsmithing, styles, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! [90] The activities of Americans in Rhodesia were widely publicised in the United States, leading to protests. While catchy mottoes are easy to remember, the technique itself can be difficult to master. |-- Topic Forums If a few hundred Jewish fighters in the Warsaw Ghetto could hold off the Wehrmacht for almost a month with only a handful of weapons, six million Jews armed with rifles could not so easily have been herded into cattle cars." In 1976 former Portuguese officials offered 2,000 white soldiers who had served with the UNITA nationalist movement in Angola until that country's independence. [103] Stephen Jeffreys' 1980 play 'The Jubilee Too' included a British volunteer who had returned from Rhodesia as one of its characters. Forum Categories It sought to attract more white immigrants to the country, but from 1973 onwards the white population decreased. [28] This magazine had been established that year to promote mercenary opportunities, and provided a positive portrayal of the lifestyle available to mercenaries. 2003) (Kozinski, J. [10] This ideology attracted support from many mainstream conservative politicians and military veterans in the United Kingdom and United States, as well as from some far right groups in those countries. All Rights Reserved. Sundry populist uprisings supported by distant communist benefactors strived to nip at the forces and institutions of the European colonial powers long enough to draw blood. Editors Note: Please be sure to check out The Armory Life Forum, where you can comment about our daily articles, as well as just talk guns and gear. He was fighting in the Mozambican War of Independence 1964-1974. During the Mozambican War of Independence, a Rhodesian mercenary by the name of Mike Rousseau was engaged in a firefight at the airport at Lourenco Marques. Although the legendary Col. Jeff Cooper is credited with developing the Mozambique Drill, he had a little help. [62] He had previously attempted to enlist in the Israel Defense Forces, but was rejected. (snip) Rousseau related the story to an acquaintance, small arms expert Jeff Cooper, founder of the Gunsite Academy shooting school, who incorporated the "Mozambique Drill" into his . Software has been extensively modified by the DU administrators. Those who did so received amnesties as part of the British government measures associated to end of the conflict. [71] There were concerns that many of the volunteers were motivated more by a desire to fight in a war than a commitment to Rhodesia. Titanfall Blisk is working under a new long-term contract with the IMC on the Frontier, providing Combat Intel and Counterinsurgency services. [42][68] Two of the former French volunteers who remained in Zimbabwe after the war were sentenced to death for murdering a caf owner during a robbery in 1982 and were executed the next year. This led to a negotiated conclusion to the war that involved a transition to majority rule and the establishment of Zimbabwe in 1980. Proper tactics can vary greatly depending on the circumstances and situation. If youve been around defensive pistol shooting for a while, youve likely heard of the Mozambique Drill (AKA, failure to stop drill). In the 1980s, the Los Angeles Police Department began teaching the drill but renamed it the more politically correct Failure Drill. It was finished in 1980 and published in 1991. The pelvis does not move as erratically as the head or shoulders, and should be an easier target than a bobbing and weaving head. Live The Armory Life. Its a handy tool to have in your defensive tool box just in case shots to center mass dont accomplish what they are supposed to do. They also feared for their lives due to a perception that a black majority government would place them on trial for murder and other crimes. [34], In addition to using advertisements, Rhodesian recruitment teams, including some led by Lamprecht, visited several countries. It is estimated that between 800 and 2,000 foreign volunteers enlisted, with the exact number not being known. This was because they believed that it was being fought to sustain white rule and prevent communists from taking over the country. Failure in a gunfight is not an option. Rousseau immediately performed a "double tap" maneuver, a controlled shooting technique in which the shooter makes two quick shots at the target's torso. Although two shots to the vitals of an attacker will stop a threat cold in most situations, it doesnt work 100 percent of the time. The articles in Soldier of Fortune reflected Rhodesian government propaganda, as they claimed that the country was a western democracy, the war was being fought against communism and did not discuss the oppression of Rhodesia's black majority. here to send us a message. These organisations provided recruits for the security forces as well as private industry, including farms, mines and timber companies. [58], Foreign volunteers who were accepted were required to swear an oath of loyalty to Rhodesia, and the Rhodesian government considered them to be members of the security forces rather than mercenaries. The Rhodesian government openly advertised in the American Soldier of Fortune magazine during 1975. The term refers to his encounter with an AK-47 armed guerilla at an airport in Mozambique where he was armed with a Browning Hi-Power. Home [23] Other volunteers were posted to a range of units, including protection companies mainly made up of black soldiers and the largely white Grey's Scouts and Rhodesian Armoured Corps. Id argue that if the two shots at (and hopefully in) the chest of an aggressor fails to convince him to break off his attack, then youd be better to drop your aim to fire the third shot (and perhaps fourth and fifth shots) at the pelvis next. Rhodesian Mike Rousseau was serving as a mercenary in the Mozambican War of Independence. Rousseauarmed onyl with a pistolturned a corner and encountered an enemy. [95] On 21 December that year the UN Security Council adopted Resolution 460 that, among other things, called for the British authorities to expel all "mercenaries" and South African forces from Southern Rhodesia. This unit performed poorly and committed atrocities that included raping women during operations. Rousseaus exploit turned into the Failure Drill and was included in the Academys curriculum starting in the late 1970s. The concept of the Mozambique Drill is to ensure a threat is stopped even if the initial center mass shots fail to get the job done. Oops, there's been an error. [60] The volunteers also received the same pay as white Rhodesians,[43] between $US 4,000 and $US 7,000 annually. |-- The DU Lounge [2][3] Accordingly, the government issued Rhodesia's Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI) from the United Kingdom in November 1965, with the colony becoming Rhodesia. Aaron Cowan of Sage Dynamics takes a look at the Mozambique Drill and puts his own spin on it, suggesting for arguments sake to try firing all three shots to the head instead of two to the chest and one to the head. [4][5][6], According to anecdotal history, the technique originated with a Rhodesian mercenary, Mike Rousseau, engaged in the Mozambican War of Independence (19641974). Many could well have been avoided or mitigated, had the perpetrators known their intended victims were equipped with a rifle and twenty bullets apiece, as the Militia Act required here. Silveira v Lockyer, (9th Cir. [93], The legality of volunteering for the Rhodesian Security Forces varied between other countries. the phrase was coined by a rhodesian mercenary named Mike Rousseau while he was serving in Mozambique. If the target is still advancing and active, apply a third, more surgical shot to the head to shut down the threat. During a fight, he bumped into a guerrilla soldier armed with an AK-47. Guerrilla fighters were swarming the airport and Rousseau turned a corner and nearly bumped into a FRELIMO fighter wielding an AK-47. Fighting at the airport at Loureno Marques (modern-day Maputo), Rousseau rounded a corner and encountered a FRELIMO guerrilla, armed with an AK-47 assault rifle, at 10 paces. |-- DU Groups Click By the early 20th century, the scramble to colonize Africa was on. He has trained with some of the countrys finest firearm instructors in handguns, rifles/carbines, shotguns and long-range shooting. Flat nose bullets and hollow points were not in widespread use, so those FMJs from Rousseaus HP35 must have passed right through the fighter. They observed that the volunteers "failed in their efforts to protect the white regime, but not before they supported and contributed to a conflict that lasted fifteen years and claimed tens of thousands of lives". The historian Luise White noted in 2004 that "the figure most sources cite is 1,500 foreign soldiers, of whom perhaps 400 were American", though the Rhodesian Army put the number at 1,000 including 100 Americans. [17] The Army's structure of administrative corps was similar to that of the British Army, and many of its officers had undergone training in the United Kingdom. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeff_Cooper_%28colonel%29. Portugal still maintained strong control over Mozambique. dissenting.). Of course, we have to be careful of adhering to dogma, no matter where it comes from. John McVicar Malloch ICD, was a South African-born Rhodesian bush pilot, gun-runner and sanctions-buster who flew in World War II and in various legal and illegal roles around Africa and the Middle East until the early 1980s. Rumored to have begun with Rhodesian mercenary Mike Rousseau and adopted into coursework at Gunsight Academy, the Mozambique Drill is intended to drop an advancing threat immediately. While Im no gunfighter and there isnt any (sane) person who wants to learn gunfighting from me, Id offer another alternative that might be more slightly attainable to more people, and which is suggested by our own Stephen Wenger based off of his decades in studying armed self-defense. Most of the mercenary soldiers carried FN FAL or HK G3 rifles. The. The third shot should be aimed to destroy the brain or brain stem, killing the target and preventing the target from retaliating. [41][42] The CIO regarded this as a success, but all other elements of the Rhodesian government were sceptical. Rhodesian Mike Rousseau was serving as a mercenary in the Mozambican War of Independence. |-- General Discussion A former police ofcer and serviceman with the U.S. Army, Richard A. Mann is one of the most well-respected rearms authorities writing on the subject today. The Portuguese forces collaborated with Rhodesia which had experience from the Bush War in the early 1960s to create special forces teams to deal with FRELIMO. [48] The British intelligence agencies also infiltrated agents into the Rhodesian Security Forces.[49]. FRELIMO attacked targets in typical guerrilla-style warfare and, like other small insurgent forces, they made full use of hit and run tactics, their knowledge of the terrain, and used the monsoon season to their advantage. He was fighting in the. A British deserter from the Rhodesian military claimed in 1976 that 2,000 of the 6,000 regular soldiers in the Rhodesian Army were British and another 100 Americans. Engaged in a firefight at an airport in Lourenco Marques, Rousseau encountered a guerilla fighter armed with an AK-47. [80] Many Africans believed that the inaction of the western governments demonstrated their lack of commitment to combating white minority rule in Rhodesia and South Africa. Mike Rousseau, a Rhodesian mercenary during the Mozambican War of Independence, was armed only with a 9mm Browning Hi-Power pistol, and he rounded a corner at Loureno Marques (now Maputo) Airport and came face-to-face with an African guerilla armed with an AK-47 assault rifle, less than 25 feet away. The Mozambique Drill,[1] also known as the Failure Drill, or Failure to Stop drill and, informally, as "two to the body, one to the head,"[2][3] is a close-quarters shooting technique that requires the shooter to fire twice into the torso of a target (known as a double tap or hammered pair to the center of mass), and follow up with a more difficult head shot that, if properly placed, will instantaneously stop the target if the previous shots failed to do so. He named it after the country where the incident occurred, dubbing his drill the Mozambique Drill.. These volunteers felt that Ian Smith had betrayed white Rhodesians by signing this agreement. The shots should be fired as fast as you are able, however they shouldnt be so fast that you miss your intended target. The Portuguese government banned Rhodesian recruitment in the late 1970s, but was unable to enforce the legislation. [64] The RLI was a key element of Rhodesia's strategic reserve, and was frequently deployed against guerrilla forces.