103. Cel Tradat is a Romanian last name that means "the betrayed one". Severin means stern, serious and pronounced as seh-VEH-reen. Virgiliu means flourishing and pronounced as VEER-jeel-yo. Albu is a Romanian name meaning "white". Flavius means golden or yellow haired and pronounced as FLAHV-yows. Andreea is a feminine variation of Andrew which means strong and manly. The Romanian form of Angel, meaning angel. Paula meanssmall and pronounced as PAW-lah. Pronounced asMEE-ha-IL. Pronounced as, chaste and innocent girl and pronounced as, Cristina means a Christian and pronounced as, kingly or possess well. Anca f Romanian Possibly originally a diminutive of Ana. 90. Spiridon means spirit and pronounced as spee-REE-don. Since Siberia and Ukraine are Romanias immediate neighbors, these names are widely used in the country and are actually very common. Marian means dedicated to Mars or to swell and pronounced as MA-ree-an. We spay/neuter all our cats and many more too, over 200+ cats and 30+ dogs in the last 3 years, all from our own money, but right now, we've reached a point . This year's most popular baby names that scored within the top 10 for carts include: Chloe, Zoe, Sophie, Molly, and Phoebe! Cezara is a feminine variation of Caesar which meanslong-haired. Antonia was borne by several prominent women in ancient Rome, including the mother of Emperor Claudius. Pronounced asSHTEH-fahn-ya. 10. Decebal means strong and powerful and pronounced asdeh-cheh-bahl. Botezatu Botezatu means 'baptized.' 11. Pronounced as REH-moos. 2023 PetPress. Alexandra is a feminine variation of Alexander which means mans defender. These may also be considered names for families that are given very high importance in officialdom. We are also proud of our free tools including a pet meme generator and a pet name generator. Pronounced asDEEK. For more baby name inspiration check out these popular baby name lists: Considering one of these names? Pronounced as e-O-sehb-yo. Laura means bay laurel and pronounced as LOW-ra (Romanian) or LAWR-ah (English). Valerian means strength, health and pronounced as va-LEH-ree-ahn. Pronounced asnee-KO-la-eh. 12. Cornelia is a feminine variation of Cornelius which meanshorn. Loredana means laurel grove and pronounced as lo-reh-DA-na. Ive always liked the name Jade for a girl. And with such a long list above, I am sure you wont have any problems finding an appropriate name for your daughter or son. Livia was a literary favorite from the sixteenth century, appearing in the plays of John Fletcher and Thomas Middleton. (Similar to Irina.). For example, if a man is named Ion, his son can be named Ionescu (Ion + escu). (Similar to Tereza.). Pronounced askos-TEE-kah. Like you say though, its important to like the name. Tyna is a spelling variation of Tyne which means river. Adam is a biblical name, he was the first man God had created. Romana means woman from Rome and pronounced as r0-MA-na. Uta means man who prospers in battles and pronounced as u-TAH. 9. Una means one and pronounced as OO-na (Romanian) or YOO-na (English). Pronounced as, beloved or God is my judge and pronounced as, kingly or possess well and pronounced as, Dic is a Romanian variation of Richard which means dominant ruler. Dan is a diminutive variation of Daniel which meansGod is my judge. Andrada f Romanian Possibly a feminine form of Andrei. Pronounced as, Sanda is a spelling variation of Sandra which means defending men. Albescu Meaning: White. Trains in Romania: The Good, the Bad and The Ugly, Best Cities to Live in Romania in 2023, Based on Safety, Infrastructure, Air Quality and More, Romanian Superstitions List: From Evil Eye to Breaking Glasses & More, 25 Amazing Traditional Romanian Foods You Must Try. Mihaela is a feminine variation of Mihal which means who is like God?. Constantin meanssteadfast and pronounced as kon-stan-TEEN. Cici means born at day break and pronounced asCHEE-CHEE(Romanian) orSEE-see(English). 43. Lucia meanslight and pronounced as LOO-chya or loo-CHEE-a. 87. Dascalu is an occupational surname derived from the word dascal meaning "teacher". Either way, Romanian names sound unique for foreigners, drawing inspiration from all regions you have names with Latin roots, Russian roots, German roots and so on. Anton is a diminutive variation of Antoniu which meanspriceless. Iolanda means violet flower and pronounced as yo-LAN-da. Anamaria is a combination of Ana and Maria, Ana means grace while Maria means bitter; wished-for child. Cat breeds by country of origin (23 C) Cattle breeds by country of origin (62 C) Chicken breeds by country of origin (42 C) Dog breeds by country of origin (68 C) Donkey breeds by country of origin (7 C) Duck breeds by country of origin (7 C) Goat breeds by country of origin (32 C) Goose breeds by country of origin . Victor is one of the earliest Christian names, borne (as Vittorio) by several saints and popes, symbolizing Christs victory over death. ), Alex is a diminutive variation of Alexander which means defender of men. Pronounced as, Dragomira means she who cares about peace or she who is very precious and pronounced as, Ecaterina is a Romanian variation of Katherine which meanspure. Pronounced as, like the Sun or strict and pronounced as, Stanislav means strength; firmness; fame, Tibor meanssacred place and pronounced as, Timotei is a Romanian variation of Timothy which means honoring God. and show the influence of the rich Romanian history and the Romanian language. Pompiliu means display, solemn procession and pronounced as POM-peel-yo. Amalia means work and pronounced asah-MAH-lee-a. Barbaneagra is a unique Romanian surname meaning "black beard". Goofy. That is all that counts. To soothe. I believe this is a diminutive of another name. So, if you're tired of people suggesting you name your black kitten midnight, take a look at this myriad of typical and atypical names perfect for your playful panther. Antonia meanspriceless one and pronounced as an-TOHN-ya. Cezar is a variation of Caesar which means long-haired. The Turkish Angora is an ancient, natural breed of cat from Turkey. Natalia means the Lords birthday and pronounced as na-TAHL-ya. im romanian and my mom won and named me tamberly michele. We hope you love our recommendations for products and services! Izabela means devoted to God and pronounced as ee-ZA-beh-la. Tiberiu is a Romanian variation of Tiberius which meansof the Tiber. Simion means to listen or God has heard and pronounced as see-MEE-yown. Tatiana means from the house of Tatius and pronounced asTAH-tee-YA-na. 65. Tereza means to harvest and pronounced as teh-REHZ-a. Marina meansfrom the sea and pronounced asMa-REEN-a. The list includes major cities with the status of municipiu (103 in total), as well as towns with the status of ora (217 in total). Joya means joy and pronounced approximately as JH-OYAH. Marioara means awished child and pronounced as ma-REE-wa-rah. 64. Camelia is a Romanian variation of Camilla which means young ceremonial attendant. 50. Yes, Lavinia is also a name you can hear in Romania! was full romany. Doina is a traditional Romanian musical tune style or folk song. It is pronounced as do-EE-na. Munteanu meaning "from the mountains". Mariana is a combination of Maria and Ana, Maria means bitter or wished-for child while Ana means grace. (Similar to Anghel.). Gavan it is a Romanian last name and it derives from the Romanian word Gavril, which means Gabriel in English. Nicoleta means title winner of the nation and pronounced as nee-ko-LEH-ta. 114 Elegant Romanian Girl Names With Meanings Aurel pronounced ow-REHL - another form of Aurelius, possibly inspired by the surname of Marcus Aurelius. Pronounced asmag-DAH-le-na. Pronounced asREHVEHKAH. Pronounced as yo-NEHL-a. My wifes name, Arina, isnt on the list either. Tarniceriu is a common occupational last name for "people who make saddles". Victoria meansvictory and pronounced as veek-TOHR-ya. Floarea is a surname meaning "flower". Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. (Similar to Ghita.). Whatever your need is, these names will make you look "mito" (that means awesome in Romanian!) Manuela is a feminine variation of Manuel which meansGod is with us. Skender means defender of mankind and pronounced asSKEHN-Der. 52. 270+ Cat Names That Start with W: A Fun and Furry List Names For Kitten! Flavius is an ancient Roman family name associated with a dynasty of emperors. Xenia is aname of aChristiansaint and a city in Ohio. Bucur The Romanian name Bucureti comes from a person named Bucur. Here you'll find all collections you've created before. Angelika is a spelling variation of Angelica which means like an angel. Pronounced asro-ZAHL-ya. Teodora is a feminine variation of Theodore which meansgift of God. Pronounced asMAG-da. Gavril is a variation of Gabriel which means God is my strength. Constanta meanssteadfastness and pronounced askon-STAHN-ta. Serafim meansfiery and pronounced as SEH-raa-feem. Fane was used as a nickname in the Middle Ages for someone with a cheerful disposition. In Greek mythology, the name was borne by the son of Xuthus and Hellen; he became the king of Athens and gave his name to the Ionian people. Yetta means a generous woman or lord of the manor and pronounced as YEH-ta. However, the most common black cat names are often rudimentary or too on the nose for most pet parents. 53. Delia means born on the island of Delos and pronounced as DEH-lee-a (Romanian) or DEE-lee-ah(English). It is a variation of Alexander. Delias name is based on that of the Greek island of Delos, which in Greek myth was the home of Apollo and Artemis. Gabi is a diminutive of Gabriel which meansGod is my strength. FamilyEducation does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Lupei is a last name that is a variant of Lupu. Thank-you! Mircea - Slavic. A name in Romanian tradition consists of a given name (prenume) and a family name (surname) (nume or nume de familie). Luca means man from Lucania and pronounced as LOO-kah. by Pronounced asman-WEH-la. Stefania is a variation of Stefana which means crown. Alexandru is a Romanian variation of Alexander which means defender of men. Piper means pipe or flute player and pronounced as PEE-pehr (Romanian) or PIE-pahr (English). Given names. Kidadl is supported by you, the reader. Cat Names Inspired by Roman Emperors flickr.com Claudius Marcus Aurelius Galba Caligula Commodus Otho Titus Nero Vitellius Caesar Severus Tiber Augustus Pius Male Roman Cat Names Maurilio Ubaldo Basilio Alfredo Achille Pluto Giovanni Simone Ferdinando Neri Filippo Vito Saturn Mars Mercury Orso Bartolomeo Vulcan Picus Vincenzo Luca Fibonacci Lando Vanda means warrior or wish; desire and pronounced as VAHN-da. In English, the combination results in adjectives like Kafkaesque, burlesque, grotesque, and picturesque. Eusebiu is a Romanian variation of Eusebius which means pious. Estera means star or berry and pronounced as EHS-teh-ra. Dic is a Romanian variation of Richard which means dominant ruler. (Similar to Ilie.). 3. Pronounced approximately as, Ramona means wise protector and pronounced as, Reveca is a Romanian variation of Rebecca which meansservant of God. Gabriel it has religious connotations; translates to "God is my strong man". Gediminas: By joining Kidadl you agree to Kidadls Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and consent to receiving marketing communications from Kidadl. Please note that Kidadl is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon. Avram is a Romanian variation of Abraham which means father of multitudes. 6. Radutu means ahappy man and pronounced asRAH-doo-too. 6. Sorine is a variation of Sorina which means a sun-like woman. Bogdan. Demetra is a diminutive variation of Demetria, thegoddess of fertility. Liviu means aman who envies others or bluish; lead-colored and pronounced asLEEV-yo. No matter what your reasons are you can be just curious, too I have below a large list of Romanian names for girls and boys with their meanings too, so read on. Pronounced as kor-NEH-lyoo. Albu Ardelean Balan Barca Bora Brad Coman Cosma Costea Crisan Crudo Dan Dobrin Dorian Dragos Dumitru Fiora is a variation of Flora which means flower, blossom. This is a long list of Romanian last name options from various sources, including the Romanian Orthodox calendar, Roman heritage, tradition, history, romance, and Slavic influence. 14. If youre looking for some inspiration for your little one, choosing a traditional Romanian name from my list below is the way to go. Whether you have Romanian heritage or love the idea of a romantic European name, we have compiled a list of 75 Romanian baby names just as majestic and beautiful as the country they come from. Roma is a diminutive variation of Roman which means citizen of Rome. Mitrea (Greek origin) meaning "administrator". Iulian means ayouthful man and pronounced as yool-YAHN. What is your spirit Animal? Boys names usually end in a consonant, and girls names end with an -a. Stefana is a female variation of Stefan which means crown. God and goddess names for cats are also on the rise, with Athena, Artemis, and Juno ranking higher than ever in girl cat names. Fischer is a Romanian word for "fisherman". Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Marin means of the sea and pronounced asMAH-reen. 3. Baciu it is one of the ancient Romanian names meaning "shepherd". Here's a list of 200+ cute cat names to consider. Daniel, (Hebrew origin) means "God is my judge". Ana is a spelling variation of Anna which means grace. Theyre all pretty cool, let me tell you that! My decidedly NOT Romanian name, James, is interesting when used here, even though everyone knows James Bond and James Brown (THE James Brown, not me). 2. 30. Mihas is a variation of Mihaita which means who is like God. 24. But in the end, it doesnt matter what the trends are. Laurentum was a city in ancient Italy. Suzana means lily and pronounced as soo-ZA-nah. The etymologists believe that this name has its roots in the Slavic element vadic, which means 'to know'. Nectaria is a name derived from "nectar". Iosua is a Romanian variation of Joshua which means Yahweh is salvation . Even though its derived from Irina, it doesnt seem to be very common. (Similar to Ignat.). ), Piper means pipe or flute player and pronounced as, Robin is a bird name that also means bright famous one. 4. Nathan, Nathanial, Jobe is also Romany, didnt see them on it. Stan means near the stony meadow or someone who achieves glory or fame and pronounced as STAHN. Taydem means one who is lighthearted and cheerful. Veronica is also the name of an herb with small, bright blue flowers. Pronounced as, Tristan means noise; sorrowful and pronounced as, an who prospers in battles and pronounced as, Valentin means strength, health and pronounced as, Valerian means strength, health and pronounced as, to be healthy, to be strong and pronounced as, mans defender. Your email address will not be published. Pronounced as, immortal and pronounced approximately as. Florina means flourishing, prosperous and pronounced as FLO-ree-na. 15. Iacob pronounced YEY-cub Romanian form of Jacob, which is a Biblical word and given name. 16. Beniamin is a Roman variation of Benjamin which meansson of the right hand. Denisa means follower of Dionysos and pronounced as deh-NEE-sa. Rasvan is a spelling variation of Razvan which means bringer of good news. This is usually added to fathers and mothers names to carry the lineage forward and keep the ancestral surnames strong. 25. Miruna means peace and pronounced as mee-ROO-na. Romania is a romantic and magical country in Eastern Europe and is home to nearly twenty million people. Pronounced asNEE-koo. Olimpia meansfrom Mount Olympus,home of the Greek gods and pronounced as o-LEEM-pya. Emanuela is a feminine variation of Emanuel which meansGod is with us. Doru means longing and pronounced as DO-roo. Lazarescu is a last name derived from Lazar, means "son of Lazar". Fane meanshappy, joyous and pronounced as FAH-neh. Isabella has a long history as a royal and classic name. If you have Romanian ancestry or a special connection with Romania - or if you simply like Romanian names - take inspiration from our list of 75 Romanian baby names. Irina is a Russian ballet-inflected classic, one of the Three Sisters in the Chekhov play. Take The Quiz To Find Out, 15 Famous Dogs Of Instagram you have to Follow, 12+ Pomeranians For Anyone Whos Having A Bad Day, 10+ Wild Animals People Found a Place for in Their Homes and Hearts, What Are The Best First Pets for Toddlers: 10 Kid-Friendly Pets, 200+ Hairless Cat Names: The Best Names for Your Hairless Kitty, 150 Cat Names That Start with Letter Z For Your Cute Kitten. Ozana is a river in Moldova. There are many common, popular last names. Sebastian meansperson from ancient city of Sebasta and pronounced as seh-BAHS-tyan. Daisy. Enrieta means state ruler or lord of the manor. Veaceslav means more glory and pronounced as veh-CHEHS-lahv. . You wont find many people with those names in Romania and I would definitely not consider them traditionally Romanian. Lipa means a lover of horses and pronounced as LEE-pah or LEE-puh. Romanian Boy NamesRomanian Girl NamesGender-Neutral Romanian Names. Pronounced asah-legs-AHN-dray-nah. We chose a non-Romanian name for our child and we thought were a minority, but the one we chose (Eric) is actually extremely popular among kids nowadays and there are tons of Erics out there. Pronounced as, God shall add (another son) and pronounced as, descended from Jupiter or youthful, downy and pronounced as, man who envies others or bluish; lead-colored and pronounced as, light or born at daybreak and pronounced as, Marius is from a Roman family name related to Mars, the god of war. Bogdan Bogdan is composed of Slavic words bogu, 'god' and dan, 'given,' which means 'god-given' or 'gift of God.' 10. Its precious. 4. Iudita means woman from Judea and pronounced approximately as YOO-dee-ta. Zandra is a diminutive variation of Alexandra which means mansdefender. Emilia is a feminine variation of Emil which meansrival. Ozana is a place-name and pronounced asoh-ZAHN-nah. As an Amazon Associate, Kidadl earns from qualifying purchases. Sorinia is a variation of Sorina which means a sun-like woman. 48. 47. Sofia - Greek. Corneliu is a Roman variation of Cornelius which means horn. Take a look at these varied Romanian surnames, and find out which ones you love the most. Check your inbox for your latest news from us. Larisa meanscitadel and pronounced as LAH-ree-sa. Emanuel meansGod is with us and pronounced as e-MAHN-wehl. Toma means date palm, palm tree and pronounced as TO-ma. It is impossible not to find something you like, so lets not waste a single second and instead lets check out below some Romanian names for girls and boys and see what they mean (where I have that info)! Haha, good picks in terms of Romanian names! Pronounced asCHE-zahror KEH-zahr. Luminia means "light" or "faint light". Pronounced asma-DA-lee-na. Nandru means ardent for peace and pronounced asNAHN-droo. Ioan is a Romanian variation of John which means God is gracious. (Similar to Alexandra.) Irini means peaceful and pronounced as ee-REE-na. Minodora means gift and pronounced as mee-NO-do-ra. Pronounced asan-DREH-ya. Pronounced asJOHR-jee-A-na. Sorinah is a variation of Soreana which means strict or stern. Pronounced asda-chee-AN (Romanian) ordei-syahn (English). Tibor meanssacred place and pronounced asTEE-BOHR. Pronounced asso-REEN-a. Serghei means protector or shepherd and pronounced approximately as sehr-GEI. 6. Aurelia is the feminine variation of Aurel which meansthe golden one. I have a photo of a relative (whom I believe was my grandfathers sister, born circa 1890), and on the back of the photo is her name Nua. Romanians use as well the English love names such as honey, bunny, baby, babe, sweetie. Note: the details that I have in brackets are not the direct translation of the names, since that is generally impossible. Manuel is a variation of Emanuel which meansGod is with us. I like a few of these names, like Alina and Calin :-). 59. Lenuta means a mild-nature woman and pronounced as leh-NOO-ta. Pronounced as, bitter; wished-for child. 2022 Sandbox Networks Inc. All rights reserved. Starlene means a star or starlight and pronounced as stahr-LEEN or stahr-LEE-neh. Georgiana is a feminine variation of George which means farmer, earth worker. Daciana means full of strength and pronounced as da-chee-AN-a. CatStuff: thousands of domestic cat graphics for web sites, a huge library of information about cats, games, much more. Romulus means strength and pronounced as ro-MOO-loos. Adam meansson of the red earth and pronounced as a-DAHM (Romanian) or A-dahm (English). volcanic iceland epic trip Meet our Local Insider Hanna 11. There is no specific meaning for Raluca. You have subscribed to: Remember that you can always manage your preferences or unsubscribe through the link at the foot of each newsletter. Finding a Job in Romania as a Foreigner / Expat: How Difficult Is It. Dragomir meanshe who cares about peace or he who is very precious and pronounced as drah-GO-meer. Balan Meaning: Blonde; a town in Romania. 1. Monica meansadvisor and pronounced as mo-NEE-ka. Schmidt (German origin) means "a smith". You can get more ideas on popular Roman cat names. Agripina means a girl who is born feet first. (Similar to Alexandra.) Pronounced asa-DEE. Andrei Meaning: Romanian iteration of the name Andrew. Pronounced as. Petrica is a Romanian variation of Peter which means rock. Ilinca means the Lord is my God and pronounced as ee-LEEN-ka. They are passionate about turning your everyday moments into memories and bringing you inspiring ideas to have fun with your family. Pronounced as, is a spelling variation of Carol which meanshacking with a weapon or settlement of free men. Pronounced asFLAHV-yuw. Ruxandra means bright; dawn and pronounced as rook-SAHN-dra. 2. Your partner in parenting from baby name inspiration to college planning. Agrapina is a spelling variation of Agripina which means agirl who is born feet first. Enache, (Hebrew origin) is found as a first and last name among Romanian people, means "comforter". Dragomira means she who cares about peace or she who is very precious and pronounced as DRAA-go-mee-ra. Bogdana is a feminine variation of Bogdan which means given by God. Veronica means she who brings victory; true image and pronounced as veh-RO-nee-KA. Ramona means wise protector and pronounced as ra-MO-na. Maricara means sea of bitterness or rebelliousness. Vacarescu is among common and popular Romanian last names for those who were in the cattle business of cattle. Ecaterina is a Romanian variation of Katherine which meanspure. Alin is a Romanian masculine variation of Alina which meansbright, beautiful. Marcu Romanian form of Marcus, which is derived from the name of the Roman god, Mars. Magnificent. Pronounced asseh-veh-REE-na. Eliza means pledged to God and pronounced as eh-LEE-za. It was actually a Roman family name, whose bearers grew and sold the beans. Gustav means staff of the Goths and pronounced as goos-TAHV.