However, according to other accounts, there is no escape from the curse. Overall, Weve seen the evolution of the werewolf become a more sophisticated, debonair character, Ancelet says. Your email address will not be published. According to reports, this Louisiana monster looks human, except for his sharp teeth, goat legs, and many abnormalities. [10] [11] Boxer Regis Prograis (of Creole descent) goes by the nickname Rougarou. Lurking in the woods and wetlands of southern Louisiana, according to Cajun legend, theres a ferocious monster that attacks the wayward and the wanderer. Its fingernails are grisly claws. The source of storms and an (occasional) kidnapper, the massive ancient beast has inspired muscle cars and jet fighters. By the end, youll know the scariest rumors circulating in cajun land. The rougarou (or loup-garou) is a monster from Cajun folklore. "I think it's fascinating,'' said Brettel. For the sake of anonymity this family friend will remain nameless, so I will refer to him as Mr. Nameless. Generations of children have heard the scary. According to Breaux, as Hubert retold the story, he began clenching his teeth and breathing rapidly as if he were reliving a terrifying experience. "I heard the story from veteran hunters. Also in Harvey, residents say they've seen it knocking over trashcans and chasing cats. He sees it as an example of the way cryptids evolve alongside the cultures that created them. Im not making this up. In the late summer of the early 90s (actual year up for debate), I was riding my bike. According to folklore, a Rougarou is a human that has been placed under a spell. The Rougarou, Beast of the Louisiana Bayou, Gets a Makeover One man hopes to turn the wolfish cryptid into a mascot for saving the state's imperiled wetlands. Bog Monster of Louisiana T-Shirt (Impractical Jokers). Discover the secrets of Louisiana lifestyle and explore Ruston, home of the Peach Festival. He let his mind wander. At this point, you are probably wondering just how the legend began. That gator is looking pretty good right now, huh? Thank you! And, if you know anything about sleep paralysis, you may have seen the culprit himself! Its incredible that I actually witnessed one and I do believe thats the only thing it couldve been. Your email address will not be published. Great words, you could make a short story out of that Peason Ridge setting! Feel free to email me at About half way back to the railroad crossing, 100 yards up the road. The student waited 5 more minutes to see if the sounds would return but the encounter was over. There are multiple categories you can enter, including ones for kids and pets. He told himself if whatever that was jumps out at me, I can always hit the accelerator. When he got to the area where the creature crossed the road, he looked out the drivers side window but did not see anything. In 1989 this man was alone on top of the levee near Bayou Steel; He was waiting for his brother to meet him to go hunting behind the levee. Back in the thick, fog-covered swamplands is where youll find the true beauty of Louisiana and perhaps even a monster or twoincluding the legendary beast called the Rougarou. On the last Saturday in October in the city of Houma, Rougarou Fest is held. Some legends of the beast say it can only be killed by fire, others say it can be killed while its in its vulnerable human form. One of the most popular stories that gets passed down from generation to generation is the legend of the Rougarou, Cajun Countrys answer to Bigfoot. Deep in the swamps of south Louisiana, legend has it, there lives the Rougarou a mythical werewolf type creature with sharp claws and glowing eyes. Two dead squirrels and a dead rabbit were found under the house where the creature had been rummaging. A version from the 16th century paints it as being seen as something similar to a genetic disorder, rather than the curse most other versions of the myth portray the Rougarou as being. In 2011, Foret launched Rougarou Fest in Houma, Terrebones parish seat and largest city, as both a fundraiser for the center and a way to revive the fading cryptid tradition. Dragons, once the ultimate test of a heros courage, have been effectively domesticated. Some have claimed it to be the body of a Rougarou, though others have speculated it might be a Chupacabra or Devil Monkey. Perhaps this giant was not a fan of small talk, and from the direction of travel I suspect the giant was heading home to Chackbay. Lapin, the trickster rabbit rooted in African folklore traditions that were brought to Louisiana by enslaved people, has also seen a transformation. The Rougarou at Cedar Point is one example of many as to how popular the folklore surrounding the beast truly is. Where can you find a Rougarou? Deep in the rural wooded swamp of Livingston Parish and young girl was having a friend of hers spend the night. A 1981 report bywriter Jerry Breaux pulled from The Advocate archives recalls a conversation the writer had with his long-time friend, Hubert. Lover of writing, learning and teaching others about new things. The creature in question was described by the officer as being an eight foot talk, bipedal hominid, dark hair (not fur), and massively build. Mr. Nameless is still is not 100% sure what he saw that evening down Peavine Road, but from time to time he still thinks, and wonders what that large dark figure that crossed his path could be. March 18th 2022 was the full moon or the Worm Moon and as I was driving down i49 something crossed the road it was almost like a creature I seen in Scooby-Doo doo it ran so fast across the highway on 2 feet and was so tall. It is most often described as having a human body with the head of a wolf or dog, with glowing red eyes and razor-sharp teeth. USA Today ranked the Rougarou Fest as one of the top 10 costume parties in the country, and you can join in the fun and compete in the contest. Children are told by their elders to behave or else the Rougarou will get them. I tend to lean more on the flesh and blood theory but I think it is important to keep all possibilities in play. The basic tale of Rougarou is one of a half man, half wolf that prowls the Louisiana swamps, looking for Catholics that have broken Lent or broken Catholic rules in other ways. Offer available only in the U.S. (including Puerto Rico). They take up residence in your home and play harmless tricks on you, so you shouldnt be too alarmed. Curious Louisiana answers. Every weekday we compile our most wondrous stories and deliver them straight to you. It has the face of a canine with many sharp, frightening teeth. Apparently that was a thing they did back then. For instance, there is a legend that says placing 13 pennies at entrances you wish to protect is the way to go. The question nagged him into adulthood. I hunt all over america and even in Africa a couple times ive run across crap that has made me avoid entire states and run across other things that i tried to stalk and kill one of these things i tried to kill is a loup garou i lived in deep louisiana until i was 11 i know about these things your gonna need some back story for this i subscribe to the idea that they are cursed humans and will have the curse till they die like wherewolves and the loup garou may even be a wherewolf because the only time ive ever found a claim of one that i couldnt easily blow off the description was the same as a where wolf like a humanoid grizzly bear on two legs with lots of steroids that aside i was doing some hunting one night for hog and saw a huge animal walk out stood 6 or 7 feet tall on two legs couldnt make out fine details due to light but i took a shot at it after i saw enough to realize it wasnt human i shot it in the head with a 45-70 those of you who dont get that its a rifle capable of taking large game like an elephant with one shot very strong round and for those of you who are gun people ill give some specs it was a 500 grain soft lead bullet hot loaded on 72 grains of powder (that doesnt sound like much but i shoot black powder in it not smokeless and no its not a muzzle loader it shoots brass cased bullets like a normal gun) anyway i hit it in the head and it got really pissed of and started to charge from about 200 yards away i shot it again in the chest and it ran off i spent the night tracking it mind you this all happemed at about 10 i only quit when i lost blood trail and foot print trail right around daylight i went home and that night there was a story of a man whos body had been found with two large holes that resembled bullet holes but it was ruled out because there was no trace of any lead or powder and he was drained of all his blood that chalked it up to a satanic ritual now to me it sounds like i killed a loup garou but hey maybe its still out there and just really pissed off. This continued for 15 minutes until the sound started to travel away. 9 Scariest Louisiana Monsters from Folklore, Legendary Monsters of Louisiana: Rougarou, Legendary Monsters of Louisiana: Cauchemar, Best Resistance Bands for Home Workouts in 2021. This beast first sighted in 1963 is reminiscent of the popular DC character known as Swamp Thing. HubPages is a registered trademark of The Arena Platform, Inc. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. The Rougarou Supernatural Cameo Explained, Legend of the Rougarou: The Complete Loup-garou Guide, US Ghost Adventures New Orleans Ghosts Review. 4. The plantation's most popular (and yet to be debunked) encounter is the apparition of a young . Kliebert was stunned when he saw this giant approaching him. There was a problem saving your notification. Its popularity has seen it placed on shirts, mugs, in Hollywood and even seen roller coasters named after it. Some even suggest a mix of biological and fringe. Required fields are marked *. He checked out the deer kept driving and turned around at the lake headed back towards Hwy. Ruston doesnt have a swamp, but if it did. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. No, you dont become a Rougarou from a bite or scratch, or from losing a bet. The seminary student continued to stand still to observe further when the creature started to pace back in fourth just out of sight, beyond the tree line, all why still producing the strange whimpers. But now, the story of the once-terrifying rougarou is changing, along with the coastal wetlands it has long called home. The Rougarou of the Bayou Louisiana is a fascinating place whose history is rich with legends from long ago. 1989 St. John the Baptist Parish, Louisiana. The tales of the Rougarou have many variations, but it is mostly described as being a hulking beast, up to 10 feet tall, with the hair covered body of a human and the head of a wolf or in some cases a . Legend says that the Rougarou will hunt these individuals down and suck their blood, feeding on their energy for up to 101 days. People say, behind the disguises, theyre really the spirits of babies who died before baptism. It was also preached that French Catholics that broke the Lent seven years in a row would be hunted down and killed by the beast. It stands upright on two legs, and is covered in hair. Their curse usually comes from a local witch, sometimes a voodoo priestess. This will perplex it, and it will keep recounting until the sun comes up and it must flee. What is the Rougarou? No matter how you spell it, the Rougarou, Roux-Ga-Roux, Rugaroo, Rugaru, or Loup Garou is a werewolf type creature living in the folklore of Cajun French Louisiana. Here's what health officials, restaurants say. In an interview conducted by Carter Buschardt, the officer stated that he went back to look at the end of shift report he filed the night of the encounter, but was unable to find the report. See. Described as looking like a sloth, the creature was covered in a light grey hair, had a small round head and a brown nose. She finally located the purse she grabbed it and quickly ran inside the house. As it gets to 13, it becomes confused. In an attempt to keep occupied and at home during these various phases of the Covid-19 pandemic, on a whim I decided to search out Louisiana based Bigfoot sightings. Well, the rougarou of the Bayou country has a pretty strong link to the werewolf of ancient times in Europe and France. Bears can stand up and run on their hind legs, whereas, wolves cannot. What he told me next has stuck in my memory, and was the spark that lit the flame regarding personal interest I took in all things weird, and strange. For Foret and many other Cajun residents in the area, the real possibility that climate change will eventually force them from their homes is particularly upsetting. Despite the fact that it was originally a legend, there are still claimed sightings of the Rougarou to this day, though it has died off a bit in the past decade. How does it differ from a traditional werewolf? The monsters reputed locale, in the Honey Island Swamp, has an ominous and deadly history that precedes the legend. Then my son started asking me about the rougarou legend and I was like a wha t? Cauchemar actually means nightmare in Louisiana French and Creole. The bright lights of the stars flicker in the murky licks of the waves near the towering, ominous Cypress trees. This is why I always read terms and conditions. The 2015 short film Atchafalaya centers around a game warden searching in a Louisiana swamp for a missing person who is hinted to have been taken by a loup-garou. However, many people also believe it's just a dog. I grew up that way and you would hear about strange things.. Driving west on Airline Hwy. I suppose anything is possible, and while the Bigfoot sighting phenomena originated in the Pacific Northwest, it seems more than plausible that such a creature could exist here. Audobon's website also has Rougarou t-shirts for sale. Rougarou Fest/Facebook. Cajun legend says that the beast hunts down Catholics who dont follow the rules of Lent, which is similar to the telling of the old French stories. The monster has its own Wikipedia pageand has been the source of numerous news stories and documentaries. Heed our warning and be on the look out for cajun folklore monsters when youre roaming the wildest parts of the bayou state. Terrebonne Parish resident Jonathan Foret was a type of kids. Could these sightings be and unknown species of hominid living for the most part, undetected in the southeast Louisiana wilderness? For instance, in 2015, the floorless roller coaster Mantis was renamed Rougarou. Their body would then undergo a transformation, and they would develop a craving for meat. I am using it as research for a short story that I am wtiting. The neighbor then said he saw an 8 foot tall creature standing on two legs. The mud was too sloppy to retain any prints. The student would take evening walks while saying the rosary. Jerry Major's Curious Louisiana question is more than an inquiry about a pronunciation. Even the act of self-defense could be life-altering. The article reported the murder of a man killed because his whiskey was too good and too profitable. Werewolves have transformed, too, and not just into the Teen Wolf tv show and movie. The friend described a chilling encounter one warm morning. She describes the Rougarou as "an important identification marker for South Louisiana's culture." Perrin's statement is quite obviously true due to the Rougarou's clear influence in local culture and beyond. Stories of these cajun folklore spirits originated in French culture and made their way into Louisiana folklore over time. According to the woman, "The next day a prominent physician appeared in town with his right arm cut and in a sling. A recent novel called The Sentence by Louise Erdrich. On a moonless night those are the darkest woods Ive ever trekked through.that includes the Black Forest, Mark Twain National Forest Missouri, the hills of West Virginia, and the Pine Flats in New Jersey. Cauchemar is a monster that leaps out of childrens dreams and rides their backs. 7910 park ave houma, la (985) 580-7289 . Foret grew up in southern Louisiana, between the Atchafalaya Basin and New Orleans, where stories of the rougarou are most often heardand he wouldnt venture into wooded areas at night because of them. Sightings have given rise to a number of stories describing creepy things that hide in the dark and dont play nice. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I believe that people are seeing these poor mangy bears instead of werewolves. Loup is French for Wolf, and Garou refers to a man that transforms into an animal. A quick browse and youll find many pictures of the Rougarou. As the name implies, it pays homage to the legendary beast. Curious Louisianaconnects readers with our newsroom's reporting. A story in The Nicholls Worth, a local college paper, titled "Rougarou Remains Strong Figure in Cajun Folklore," recounts a story from a woman about an experience in her youth. The Rougarou, also known as the loup-garou, is essentially Louisiana's bayou-dwelling werewolf, and it's a prominent figure in Cajun folklore. Like us on Facebook to get the latest on the world's hidden wonders. The Rougarou is an important figure in Cajun legends. Considering how many hunters love senselessly killing wild boars, we really cant blame the swamp monster. For more information, visit the Rougarou Fest website, and don't forget to give them a follow on Facebook so you don't miss out on any announcements. by Joel Balsam October 19, 2022. The K-9 unit lost the scent once it ran into the marsh. Louisiana native. 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After the officers spoke to the complainant they decided to do a search of the perimeter. He and his partner were a part of a unit in Jefferson Parish that were first responders to criminal calls, making this a most credible report. I had been riding my bike through the trails in the woods that were in the back of Laplace Park. Since the dawn of time, people have been telling stories. By clicking "Accept," you agree to the use of cookies on Pelican State of Mind. Consider supporting our work by becoming a member for as little as $5 a month. It's got to be the Rougarou, the infamous werewolf of the bayou. It's okay, because we're here to bust them! Frogs croak their songs in the distance and mosquitos buzz as they fly around looking for their next meal. The hybrid whimpering could still be heard, and was clear and near, but still no visible sign of what was producing these sounds. At first he thought it was a bear that was under the house causing a commotion, but as he approached the creature stood up and ran off into the swamp. Catholics are told it will hunt down and kill them if they don't obey Lent. The sound of human cries in the woods is a theme directly from faire lore. Thank you! It is most often described as having a human body with the head of a wolf or dog, with glowing red eyes and razor-sharp teeth. I had relatives that lived in Covington," Brettel said. Its rumored that Lutins can take any form, including cats (especially white ones), hobgoblins, elves, and other strange creatures. Wow, thank you for that insight! These canine-humanoid shapeshifters travel between worlds using magical doors. If your keys go missing without explanation, it could be a Lutin! Since Cajun dialect is a mix of French and English and well-known for changing words completely to roll off the tongue easier, the name of the beast changed from loup-garou to Rougarou (also spelled roux-ga-roux, rugaroo, or rugaru). This sighting took place just north of the Manchac Swamp region, about a quarter mile away from Hwy. I want more! The line on the trees in this picture taken Nov. 16, 2017, shows the swamp's typical high-water mark, which generally arrives in the spring. According to some other accounts, the process of transferring the curse involves the willingly human drawing the blood of the Rougarou. Witches?Witch doctors! One recent supposed sighting came from a woman in Harvey, Louisiana, who claimed she saw a Grunch eating one of her neighbor's dogs. Well written and well documented. In closing Ive always considered Yeti to be more of a possibility than a werewolf. Such monster makeovers are common. Since the migration, many of the legends began to change to match the times and the dialect. 22. Did your house get ransacked during the night? Rougaroux Rum, manufactured by donner-peltier distillers in Thibodaux, Louisiana, has a special praline-flavored version called Rougaroux 13 Pennies. Southeast Louisiana Bigfoot Sightings. It was a fall evening and this student was walking on a road in back of the property that borders cow pastures and piney woods. She describes the Rougarou as "an important identification marker for South Louisiana's culture." Apparently, when a person changes into a Rougarou they forget how to count past 12 (probably since they only worry about midnight and the moon at this point). "This thing had a flat back. But for decades, hes wondered about one of the swamp's fabled creatures the Honey Island Swamp Monster, a legendary 500-pound beast that some claim hides amid the cypress trees andmurky waters. The neighbor, who was unaware of the husbands sighting, stated that while walking with his dog in the woods, his dog got spooked and ran back toward their house. The name changed to rougarou in Cajun Louisiana because l and r are linguistically liquid consonants and they change places a lot, says Barry Jean Ancelet, a Cajun folklorist and professor emeritus with the University of Lafayette. The Audobon Zoo in New Orleans has an exhibit dedicated to the Rougarou, which includes a statue of the creature itself. At the annual October events rougarou costume contest, the fests mascot is reimagined hundreds of different ways, including as an eco-activist. The officer reported that the creature crossed a 22 foot wide street in three strides. Cajun legend says that the beast hunts down Catholics who don't follow the rules of Lent. There wasnt much to his story, but the seriousness of his delivery, and the apparent reluctance to tell me, gave his words credence. When French settlers came to Louisiana, the story came with them. OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article. What I saw scared the life out of me. I was compelled to dig in further to see if I could find more sighting reports in the Southeast Louisiana area, if only to substantiate these other reports. Stumbling upon the LObservateur article reignited my borderline obsessive interest in these types of creature sightings. The Rougarou at Cedar Point is a prime example of Rougarou supernatural popularity. [12] Bobby Brettel grew up in New Orleans, nearly 40 miles away from the moss-tangled bayous of eastern St. Tammany Parish's Honey Island Swamp. It was enough just enough working knowledge for me to form an opinion. The Rougarou has a varied history, though all variations seem to trace it back to the French. When the child saw the dog transform into a man, he dashed home to tell his family. Back in the 16th century, theyd regularly blame various crimes on loup-garous. Folklore will have us believe that a Rougarou has the opportunity to change back to a human after 101 days, but only after finding another human who is willing to have the curse transferred to them. The Rougarou, or as others may say, Loup garou, is a bayou-dwelling werewolf. Outside of Louisiana, the Cedar Point amusement park in Ohio has a rollercoaster named Rougarou. There was also a story that was told to kids that if they didnt do what their parents asked, a loup-garou would come and steal them away in the middle of the night. If you werent already aware, New Orleans has a prominent vampire subculture. After being spotted, the creature ran between two houses then continued to the street when it passed under a streetlight.